Contract specification, outputs and procurement

We can support the development of strategy and policy, and procurement models which deliver optimal customer and public service impact.

In our experience competitive tendering of transport services can result in significant benefits to both the tendering authority and the passenger, but it is essential to be clear on what benefits you are seeking to achieve. These can then be formulated in the key objectives and the options of how they can then be realised, and the different approaches that can be adopted depending on what you are seeking to achieve.

At Vectura Advisory we have extensive experience engaging with tendering authorities and identifying what the priority objectives should be and how they are set out.

We can utilise our experience to work with you in creating and defining key policy positions, and your engagement with internal and external stakeholders to ensure support and buy in for your policy approaches. We support you in ensuring your policy is reflected in your overall approach.

We work with you in creating a contract specification that meets your objectives, policies and requirements. This includes how to set out the specification in the Invitation to Tender (ITT), being clear about what bidders must deliver, incentive regimes, financial models, evaluation criteria, ITT drafting, and using competitive pressure to best effect.

Vectura Advisory can support you through the whole procurement process, whether it is providing strategic advice and guidance, through to running the whole process on your behalf, or somewhere in between. This includes market engagement; internal and external consultations; prequalification; ITT development and drafting; approvals; managing the ITT stage including bidder meetings, questions and dataroom; evaluation; contract award; mobilisation and handover.

Following contract award and commencement, we can continue to support you during the period of operation to set up constructive yet robust contract management. We bring our experience of managing contract meetings and relationships for both public authorities and operators.

Vectura Advisory can also provide operational, customer service and commercial advice in response to emerging issues or contract variations.

Contract specification, outputs & procurement
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Contract specification, outputs & procurement
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Vectura Advisory can support governments, regulators and transport authorities in developing market liberalisation approaches, strategy and policy advice, and procurement models – which will affordably deliver optimal customer and public service impact.